mattie-jimWelcome to Sew Charmed! My name is Maitel “Mattie” Johnson. Some of you may know me from Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, where I was the notions buyer for almost a whole year before Greenbaum’s owner retired.

When I started, I did not know much about notions. It was very similar to learning a new language! I made a few mistakes, but learned from them and moved forward.

Since then, I have fallen deeper in love with the fiber arts! Therefore, understanding the need of the fiber arts community. I am charmed to taking on this new and exciting adventure. As I worked those final months at the 100+ year old business, I saw many of my fellow artists, concerned with, “where will we go now?”

image_01As a buyer, I really enjoy finding fun, creative and reasonably price quality goods. Who doesn’t like finding a bargain on something they were looking for anyway? The goal of Sew Charmed is to provide my fellow fiber artists with quality products at the best possible prices that a small business can provide.

Who am I? I am a woman with persistence to accomplish whatever I set my mind to do. Happiness is key in my life. I look forward to becoming a bigger part of my community by developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

My family consist of my husband James Johnson, a wonderful supportive man with which all of this has been possible. We live in West Salem, Oregon with our fur baby Dolly.