About Me

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to walk along side you on your journey to learn to sew. I've been where you are and my goal is to help ease your mind and free it up to create not only beautiful but quality items. 

I've been sewing for 15 years and confess that I am a fabric hoarder. I learned to sew from a very kind woman named Lola. Lola had raised 7 boys. They were grown and had children of their own when I met her. Miss Lola sewed the clothes for all 7 of her boys and she made sure that I knew how to sew a sharp crisp corner on a collar. Ask me how many times I've sewn a shirt with a collar. Don't tell Lola, it's zero! I will never forget her lesson though and I'm so grateful for her guidance as I began my own journey. 

My favorite things to sew are dresses and swimming suits and anything else that I desire to make custom while incorporating my own quality details. 

My desire is to build your confidence so you can confidently dive into any sewing project you dream to create!

I can't wait to get started!

- Miss Amy