Use for Appliqué Templates, Crafting, Hobbies & More

They are perfect for strengthening your paper appliqué quilting templates, but can be used for so much more! Use these sheets to make sturdy pattern templates, study guides, or reference sheets. Protect photos, children’s artwork, recipes cards, and important paperwork, and awards. No laminating machine required! Simply peel off the paper backing, place your document on the laminated sheet, and cut to your desired size.

■■ Large 9˝ × 12˝ size easily accommodates an 8½˝ × 11˝ pattern sheet

■■ Heavyweight and permanent once applied; laminate won’t peel off

■■ Easy to cut with scissors or craft knife

Essential Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets Use for Appliqué Templates, Crafting, Hobbies & More from Piece O’ Cake Designs $9.95*, #20311, 10 sheets, 9˝ × 12˝

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