Color Wheel – double sided 12″ x 12″ inches

Joen Wolfrom has designed a durable, color-accurate, double-sided, multi-purpose color wheel that is perfectly sized for use in your studio, workroom, office, or sewing room.

It’s easily transportable! One side of the wheel features 24 pure colors with 4 essential color-plan wheels for each color.

The opposite side shows a range of each pure color’s tints, shades, and tones. Pure-color wedges are slotted so you can audition colors (fabrics, paint swatches, etc.) alongside them to ensure a perfect match.

  • • Beautiful color reference based on the Ives scientific color theory–the definitive color source for nearly a century
  • • Perfect companion to our Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool and Studio Color Wheel
  • Includes instructions for choosing colors that work together, taking the mystery out of working with tints, tones and shades
12 x 12

ISBN: 978-1-61745-144-7

UPC: 734817-203148


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