Ombre – 4031

Ombre – 4031 from the Down-Under Collection.

This fabric is moving FAST! Count on Batik Textiles for quality and unique hand dyed batik fabric.

Colors: Blues, sand (tan)
Width: 42-44

This fabric has various blues and tan colors that remind me of ocean colors. The tans resemble sand and the blues resemble the water. I find Ombre-4031 to work well with Ombre – 4032.
Other similar fabrics include: Ombre 4030 purples, blues, greens

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Batik is an ancient art process of dyeing fabric and is done by hand, not machines. The process uses a wax resist which contains the pattern of the finished product. With this process, there are a variety of outcomes that create all the beautiful colors and designs that you see with batik fabrics.



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