Troop 1752 Sewing Camp June 17-21

Troop 1752 Sewing Camp June 17-21

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This camp is for 5 participants from Troop 1752 

When: June 17-21 from 12:00-1:00

Machine rental, fabric, notions, and all other supplies are included in the cost.

You are welcome to bring a snack and water bottle if you'd like. Miss Amy supplies everything you will need to participate in class. 

Here are the details for each day so you know what to expect!

Day 1: Learn to use the machines, and about sewing tools/notions, practice sewing straight lines, and other important skills for beginning sewists. 

Day 2: Learn about patterns, how to read, follow, and prep a pattern for our next class. We will cut the pattern and then cut the fabric, getting ready for sewing day. 

Day 3: Finish cutting pattern pieces if we didn't get them all done on day two. Then we will begin sewing. We will take our time ensuring to follow proper technique which is important to set you up for success outside of class. 

Day 4: Finish our project we began on Day 3. If you finish early (as we all work at our own pace and some may run into hiccups others did not run into) Miss Amy will have another project ready for you to begin.  

Day 5: If all projects were completed on Day 4 you will start another sewing project. Miss Amy will be there to guide you but will allow you navigate completing the project as independently as possible.  Miss Amy wants to see what you retained and what you need more help with.